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Noise Control 
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Wavefront provides both workspace and product noise control services.  Our experience ranges from manufacturing and maintenance facilities, through vibration-sensitive facilities and equipment, to compressors, office products and intertial guidance systems.  We work with our client's engineering or production teams to reduce noise and vibration of products and equipment, or to protect sensitive equipment from damaging vibration levels.  Frequently this work is done under strict confidentiality agreements.  Examples of the types of work performed on past projects include

  • Transmission loss studies
  • Source and propagation path identification
  • Sound power measurements
  • Acoustic intensity mapping
  • Noise control treatments
  • Sound and vibration isolation
  • Establishing acoustic design and acceptance criteria

As technology advances, noise and vibration problems often become increasingly difficult to solve.  We can provide valuable assistance to architects, engineers, and contractors in developing effective noise control solutions in response to ever more stringent requirements and marketplace demands.


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