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Wavefront maintains a comprehensive inventory of instruments and computers to meet a wide range of data collection and analysis needs.  Some examples of the available resources are:

  • A large assortment of microphones, preamplifiers, intensity probes, accelerometers and other sensors, plus associated power supplies and signal conditioning electronics.  
  • A range of multi-channel digital tape, conventional tape, and SCSI disk recorders for field and laboratory data collection.
  • Portable sound level meters and noise monitors for both attended and automated environmental monitoring.
  • A complete test lab with facilities for mechanical fabrication and electronic prototyping.  
  • Metrology services for NIST-traceable calibration of microphones, preamps, etc.
  • Octave, one-third octave, and narrowband spectrum analyzers ,all with computer interfaces.
  • A computer-driven 32-channel high speed A/D converter, and associated signal conditioning for accelerometers, strain gauges, LVDT's, and thermocouples.

Complementing this is our workstation-based data reduction and analysis software that supports automated data reduction and provides a complete set of time-series, spectral, and statistical analysis tools.  This software suite has been under continuous development since 1986 and is a very comprehensive acoustical analysis toolkit.


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